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The Shamrocks MC, Stateline Crew, (New Jersey Chapter) is located on the western border of New Jersey. We were formed in the fall of 2011 and take part in events held throughout the Northeast.

We are one of a number of Chapters throughout the North America. Originally, the membership of the Shamrocks MC was comprised solely of Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Today the Shamrocks MC is comprised of all U.S. Law Enforcement Officers, not just Federal. No matter what background our members possess one can be rest assured that if you see a big white shamrock on their back, you are looking at one of this countryís finest Law Enforcement professionals.

We are non-territorial club and do not support other clubs in commercial enterprise. The Shamrocks MC, Stateline Crew is a not-for-profit organization. We are a membership type of organization whose main purpose is to meet as a group and ride motorcycles. We support several different charity causes which include, but not limited to, Law Enforcement, Veteranís Affairs, Children and Medical Research and Treatment. In addition to self-initiated cause support, the Shamrocks MC is very active in supporting other clubs with their charity efforts.

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